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Prefab Steel Building Kit Offer Perfect Industrial Storage Solutions

industrial storage metal building

Manufacturing, Mining and Government agencies turn to Curvco for all of their steel building needs. They know when they come to us for industrial storage buildings; they can receive one with lead times as short as 72 hours at great, affordable prices. The versatility of our arch style prefabricated steel buildings is why many customers […]

How to effectively use a Shipping Container Roof Kit for sand storage.

Town of Brentwood Highway Dept- 30'x40' Shipping Container Roof Kit

The Town of Brentwood Highway Department contracted with Curvco Steel Buildings to create a multi-purpose Shipping Container Roof Kit Shed for bulk storage. We assisted Brentwood with obtaining engineered stamped building permits which made the whole process much easier. The site location is primarily used as a transfer station for scrap metal, C&D material, brush […]

Claiborne Hauling turns to Metal Roof between two shipping containers.

Claiborne Hauling LLC, 70'x120' Metal Roof Between Two Shipping Containers

Mr. Claiborne reached out to Curvco Steel Buildings to solve the problem of utilizing his workspace effectively. He knew that the metal roof between two shipping containers had to span at least 70′ wide in order to accomplish this goal. With all the of the construction equipment and machinery stored outside, he knew it was […]

Trucking Business Uses Container Covers for Equipment Storage

Mr. Nicololff contacted us in early May to discuss his storage needs for his tire business. It was important for him to have easy access to his supplies and equipment while maintaining a shaded area to protect his tires from the sun. Car tires may appear to be weatherproof and withstand rough conditions but they […]

Metal Farm Buildings for Farming and Modern Agriculture

Crop Storage Farms

As we continue to improve our methods of farming, it is important to protect those assets with a Metal farm Building. The clear span design allows you to maximize the amount of grain and corn you can store inside. The prefabricated nature of these Metal Buildings is becoming a more popular commodity for the farming […]

Hay Storage Solutions for Farmers

Just like humans require healthy food for their existence, animals also require food to sustain their lives. The type of food needed by different animals is directly dependent upon their biological needs, structure, and the temperature of their habitat, energy, and nutrients they require. Animals like horses, rabbits, cows, goats, sheep, and other grazing animals […]

Metal Building Attached to a Concrete Wall for Crop Storage in KS

Crop storage metal building

As the need to feed the world’s population grows, the American heartland has been evolving to meet the demand. Curvco has been proud to serve American farmers by supplying the highest quality agricultural metal buildings. Kansas is home to some of the world’s largest farms and is consistently one of the largest crop producing states […]

Mounting Arch Steel Buildings on Top of Concrete Walls and Shipping Containers

steel roof on top of shipping containers

Versatile Design One of the greatest advantages to arch steel building construction over conventional methods is the versatility of the design. This flexibility allows a metal roof or building system to be attached on top of concrete walls or shipping containers. The benefits are added height and a wall system that can take plenty of […]

Arch Steel Buildings VS Concrete Buildings

Steel Vs. Concrete Buildings

In many areas of the country concrete and block buildings are constructed for residential, commercial and industrial use when they could save thousands by erecting an arch steel building. Why do people choose to build concrete walled buildings? Conventional construction using masonry walls has historically been perceived as being a cost effective building method. In […]

Steel RV Storage Buildings and Metal Garages

RV Storage garage metal building

Curvco steel garages offer an affordable alternative to monthly RV storage rentals. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars a month storing your RV, you can put that money back into your pocket. All you need to have is a steel garage building. What Is a Prefab Steel Garage? A prefabricated steel garage is manufactures using […]