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Arch Steel Buildings VS Concrete Buildings

Steel Vs. Concrete Buildings

In many areas of the country concrete and block buildings are constructed for residential, commercial and industrial use when they could save thousands by erecting an arch steel building.

Why do people choose to build concrete walled buildings?

Conventional construction using masonry walls has historically been perceived as being a cost effective building method. In modern times concrete construction is actually more expensive than pre-engineered steel buildings as it requires skilled masons, longer construction times and expensive laborers. Often substantial amounts of steel reinforcing must be added for self-supporting walls especially in areas with heavy wind loads. The concrete walls also must be designed by an engineer which can be very expensive.

Arch metal buildings actually save you money when compared to concrete block or poured masonry walls. You can use general labor instead of skilled workers and you don’t need to hire a general contractor. Quonset hut style buildings are erected much faster as they are prefabricated and already engineered without additional design costs.

How is the roof constructed in a concrete building?

Buildings that are constructed using concrete walls typically have a membrane flat roof system or a wooden truss system and a shingle or steel roof. The membrane style is very expensive and requires maintenance, they often need to be repaired and eventually replaced. Wood truss roofs also need a lot of upkeep, shingles blow off, wood rots while pests penetrate and compromise the structural system.

Time means money

Building concrete block walls and reinforcing them with steel rod takes many man hours when compared to Quonset hut steel buildings. Arch style buildings are completely prefabricated and use only one size nut and bolt. Their standardization means arch building kits can be manufactured quickly and erected fast as well.

Why should you choose an Arch metal building instead of a concrete building?

  1. Save Thousands Arch steel buildings cost much less while providing exceptional strength, security and durability. The labor to erect is considerably less as well as Curvco’s buildings are pre-fabricated for simple, fast construction.
  2. Durable and Maintenance Free Quonset hut style buildings come with a 35 year warranty backed by the steel mill. They are maintenance free with no leaks, no roof wood rot and no cracking concrete walls.
  1. Low Cost Expansion Curvco’s Quonset hut steel buildings can be easily expanded in the future where it is difficult and expensive to add onto a block building. You can simply unbolt the endwall on an arch building an easily add on in two foot sections. Masonry buildings must have expensive engineering done in order to expand them as well.
  2. Maximum Usable Space Arch metal buildings can be designed with tall sidewalls and have no horizontal “chord” or roof rafters to interfere with the inside height, giving you 100% usable space. This makes it easy to add a loft or racks for overhead storage and you position car-lifts right up against the sidewalls.
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