Since motor homes and RV’s can be expensive to repair and maintain, they should be protected in a reliable, secure RV storage building. Curvco buildings are ideal for use as RV storage garages because they are very versatile, economical and durable. Their efficient clearspan truss free design allows for full use of the height of the building without obstructions. The tallest RV with an air conditioning unit and satellite dish mounted on the roof can safely pull into a Curvco metal storage building with ample room to conduct maintenance on top of the vehicle.

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Rv shelter

Curvco RV storage buildings provide years of maintenance free use as they are all steel and come with a steel mill backed 40 year warranty. They can be pre-engineered with heavy gauge steel to support even the harshest weather conditions. Since there is no wood they are absolutely termite and insect proof and the truss free design means birds cannot build nests above your recreational vehicle and destroy the paint with their droppings. The labor saving do it yourself design is very affordable and simple to construct because all the components are preformed and predrilled in Curvco prefabricated building kits.


Rv Storage

These Curvco arch style RV Storage Buildings are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions from heavy blizzard snow and damaging hurricane winds. Their design is quite versatile and produces the strongest pre-engineered storage building system manufactured anywhere in the world. They can be designed to be installed with or without end walls as an RV shade cover and remain open for ease of use without sacrificing structural integrity. If you decide to enclose the structure later, factory ends or customer supplied end walls can easily be added at that time. Curvco RV Storage Buildings also offer the best protection for your recreational vehicle storage needs as they are free of wood and resistant to fire.

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Ray Spalla
North Dakota
RV Shelter

“My wife and I erected our RV storage building ourselves 6 years ago when we were both over 70 years old already!! Last year there was over 102″ of snow and the building held up fine. I feel comfortable storing my RV and classic cars in the building because it’s so strong”.