As we continue to improve our methods of farming, it is important to protect those assets with a Metal farm Building. The clear span design allows you to maximize the amount of grain and corn you can store inside. The prefabricated nature of these Metal Buildings are becoming a more popular commodity for the farming communities. They allow no room for pests, birds or rodents to nest above your crops, eliminating the need for constant oversight and protecting them from contamination.

These buildings can range in sizes from 20’ to 140’ in width and are available in unlimited lengths. Steel building kits for farming communities can save you money as they are pre-engineered to be erected quickly by even an inexperienced builder. By constructing these buildings on your property yourself, you are able to save thousands of dollars compared to more conventional building methods and techniques.

Metal Farm Buildings

Agriculture Farm BuildingsThese are not wooden pole barns which struggle to keep their structural integrity during a hurricane. They do not have any of the issues with warping, sagging, knot defects and termite infestation. Steel Farm Buildings by Curvco are hurricane rated for extreme wind and weather and will require no down time due to facility repair.

Our goal at Curvco Steel Buildings is to encourage you to concentrate your precious resources on ensuring your farms profitability. After all, our world economy is dependent on the exponential growth of the biotechnology advancements and practices which can help feed the people of tomorrow.

How Has Biotechnology Improved Farming and Modern Agriculture?

For thousands of years, farmers have been trying to develop ways to improve the quality and yield of their crops. Certain techniques such as cross breading have been dominate in the agricultural communities but have not yielded the results necessary to combat the increasing demand for food.

“Feeding a world population of 9.1 Billion in 2050 will require raising overall food production by 70%” – United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

Biotechnology in the modern world has allowed plant breeders to select specific genes in the DNA that have beneficial traits and transfer them from one plant to another. In return, the plants develop higher immunities to diseases and adapt to environmental stress and climate change. Over the years, they have procured methods to increase the nutritional content, making our foods healthier for consumption.

Agricultural Seed Technology

Agriculture Plant BreedersBy using Biotechnology in farming practices, we have been able to manufacture seeds which yield more per acre allowing farmers to grow more food on less land. These strategic improvements to “seed technology” have been adopted at rapid rates that have never before been seen by any other advances in the history of agriculture.

By increasing the plants natural resistance to diseases and pests; reducing the use of pesticides all together; and maintaining and improving crop yields; Biotechnology has proved to play a key role in our survival.

Giving farmers the proper products and tools could help alleviate poverty and meet our energy needs at the same time. Creating seeds by the use of biotechnology, can change the dynamics of farming in drought-stricken areas where farming in the past was difficult or near impossible. Many benefits derive from the scientific nature of tweaking these seeds to perform better.


Crop storage metal building

As the need to feed the world’s population grows, the American heartland has been evolving to meet the demand. Curvco has been proud to serve American farmers by supplying the highest quality agricultural metal buildings. Kansas is home to some of the world’s largest farms and is consistently one of the largest crop producing states in the US. Dunlop farms in Parker, KS has been in operation for almost 6 decades producing mostly soybeans as well as some corn, wheat, sorghum and beef cattle.

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steel roof on top of shipping containers

Versatile Design

One of the greatest advantages to arch steel building construction over conventional methods is the versatility of the design. This flexibility allows a metal roof or building system to be attached on top of concrete walls or shipping containers. The benefits are added height and a wall system that can take plenty of wear and tear and extreme wind conditions.

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Steel Vs. Concrete BuildingsIn many areas of the country concrete and block buildings are constructed for residential, commercial and industrial use when they could save thousands by erecting an arch steel building.

Why do people choose to build concrete walled buildings?

Conventional construction using masonry walls has historically been perceived as being a cost effective building method. In modern times concrete construction is actually more expensive than pre-engineered steel buildings as it requires skilled masons, longer construction times and expensive laborers. Often substantial amounts of steel reinforcing must be added for self-supporting walls especially in areas with heavy wind loads. The concrete walls also must be designed by an engineer which can be very expensive.

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industrial storage metal building

Manufacturing, Mining and Government agencies turn to Curvco for all of their steel building needs. They know when they come to us for industrial storage buildings; they can receive one with lead times as short as 72 hours at great, affordable prices. The versatility of our arch style prefabricated steel buildings is why many customers choose Curvco industrial building kits and is illustrated with the following applications:

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Motorcycle storage steel building

There is no better place to store a motorcycle than a metal building. While you may believe we are just saying this because we are in the business of selling pre-engineered buildings, that’s not entirely true. In our line of work, we sell prefab building kits for many purposes. And out of all of these uses, we have found that motorcycle storage and workshop garage is probably one of the most popular consumer hobby applications for our products.

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ROI (Return On Investment), that’s what we always look for when we spend money, what is the value we are getting for our money and will it have a good return? The same can be said for steel buildings but if you aren’t aware of the advantages they offer you may find yourself missing out.

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