Arch Steel Buildings

Due to their superior strength, versatility and simple features, Curvco Arch Steel Buildings offer an attractive and affordable building solution. They can be used for man applications including garages, warehouses, workshops, metal sheds, prefab homes, agricultural storage, airplane hangars and more. With a wide variety of widths from 10’ – 140’ and any length, we can design and fabricate a metal building for whatever you need you must have. The professional engineers here at the factory can help design your Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial or Residential building to fit your budget and application.

DIY Arch Building Kits

The Curvco efficient building design has a simple bolt together construction that does not require heavy equipment or renting cranes to lift for most garage and workshop models. All Curvco prefabricated building kits come complete with drawings and erection manual that has simple step by step instructions that make construction fast and easy. They are easy to put up with do-it-yourself general labor, gather a few of your friends and have it erected in a weekend.


Curvco buildings are the perfect Green building. Our arch building kits are manufactured with 100% recyclable material that can be reused at the end of its life time limiting their impact on the environment. We use Galvalume® Steel to fabricate our buildings which is Energy Star® approved and can reduce utility costs. There are many features and accessories that enhance their Green appeal. Wind powered turbine vents are used to economically cool and ventilate the structures. Roof or endwall skylights can be used to take advantage of natural sunlight saving on energy expense. The very small environmental footprint of a Curvco arch steel building is undeniable.


Every Curvco preengineered building comes with a 40 year warranty against rust and perforations and offers the best protection against the harshest elements. The steel mill’s hot dipped Galvalume® coating on the steel building is extremely durable in aggressive atmospheric and acid rain environments and warranted against rust perforations. Unlike cheaper wood, tin, or plastic building materials that quickly deteriorate, Curvco steel buildings require practically no maintenance. There are no beams or trusses for birds to perch on and are tightly designed so you will not have any problems with pests or rodents.


Curvco Arch Buildings are perfectly suited for any extreme or industrial application. Since they are made out of heavy gauge steel with an engineered arch design, Curvco structures can withstand heavy loads and hurricane force winds. Every building is designed to meet your local codes and can be engineer certified by a registered engineer in your state.

Quonset Hut Building Prices

The quonset hut buildings are pound for pound the most efficient metal building design on the market meaning they are available at the most economical prices. Curvco Steel garages and workshop buildings are 30% less cost than building out of block or wood frame construction. Fast construction times with unskilled labor and durable long lasting galvalume steel make for huge savings in addition to low sale prices.

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