Shipping Container Roof

Shipping Container Roof System Benefits:

  • Low Site-Prep Costs
  • Versatile Applications
  • Do-It-Yourself Design
  • Containers Serve as Additional Storage
  • Affordable Container Roof Kits
  • One Size Nut & Bolt Construction
  • 40-Year Warranty
  • 100% American Made
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Permitting Services (Optional)

Which Shipping Container Roof Kit is right for me?

We have a wide variety of roof kits in sizes ranging from 20 feet wide to 80 feet (Depending on County Load Requirements). If the building project calls for multiple shipping containers either stacked on top of one another or in a row, we can easily accommodate those project requirements.

Curvco also provides high quality Container roof system kits for Commercial and Industrial applications that require custom modifications and additions. For example, Stacking these Shipping Containers on top of each other 2 or 3 high and installing a Container roof kit provides ample Commercial space for storage, heavy machinery, job-site coverage and even office space. Whether it is for a standard container roof or custom large container building, Curvco offers a cost-effective solution.

Standard Container Cover
Roof Kit w/ Rear Concrete wall & Solid Back Wall
Container Kit with Solid Back Wall (On top of 3rd Container in rear)
Container Roof Kit with 8.6' Extended Back wall
Custom Container Roof: Rear 8.6' Extended Wall, Front 8.6' Extended wall with 10x10 Steel Framed Opening. Front Overhang,

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    Arch Buildings Heavy Snow Loads

    Container Roof Types:

    There are many ways to configure our container roof types and it all depends on what application you are trying to use it for. Our metal roof systems are for everyday storage, covering job-site materials and bulk storage. We have multi-Container roofs, Double Stacked Container roofs, commercial and Industrial Container Roofs for larger projects. An example of these types are listed below:

    Single Container Roof
    Multi-Container Roof
    Double Stacked Container Roof
    Commercial Container Roof

    Shipping Container Roof Installation Options:

    There are four options for installing a shipping container roof. They can be mounted to the exterior or outside edge or the standard interior mount that most prefer. They can also be interchanged using one inside and outside mount known as the combo attachment option. Last but not least, if you require attaching a building to an existing wall, we can easily provide attachments that make this possible. Check out the illustrations below to see which model is best for you and your project requirements. 

    Inside Mount: Connecting your shipping container roof to the inside mount decreases the size of the metal roof needed. This option does not cover the shipping containers themselves. Instead, it exposes the shipping containers to the outside elements and covers the interior space between the two shipping containers.

    Outside Mount: Connecting the Container roof to the outside mount increases the size of the arch metal roof while enclosing the entire dimensions of the building. This mounting option is effective for clearing water or snow from the arches. It also allows for additional interior storage above the containers which are kept dry due to the span of the mount.

    Combo Mount: Install the Container roof from an outside mount to an inside mount or vice versa. With this option you can mix and match how the mount is attached to give you variety.

    Hybrid Mount:  Connect and install your shipping container directly to a concrete wall. Using our Container Roof Kit adapter plate, one side of the structure will be bolted to the wall and the other can be bolted or welded to the container. This approach is possible with only one shipping container but does require the construction of a concrete wall.

    Shipping Container Roof Kit Accessories:

    There are many accessories that can be included in your shipping container roof kit price. These are listed below:

    • Extended Wall Panels- Depending on the dimensions of your shipping container, Curvco can extend the front and rear wall panels 8.6′ or 9.6′ all the way to the ground to cover the entire wall and enclose the structure.
    • Roof Skylights- If you are in an open environment and want to allow natural light into the container roof, this is one of the best options available and is cost-effective.
    • Turbine Vents- This allows free flowing air into the structure which helps prevent any condensation, stagnant air or moisture for accumulating. 
    • Front/Back Walls- If your project requires an enclosed structure, Curvco can provide in the container roof cost the option for a front or back wall. 
    • Service Doors- Walkthrough door can be strategically placed along the front or back side of the container roof structure providing easy access to the interior of the building.
    • Window Frame Kit- An opening can be cut at the factory to allow for a custom or a traditional sized window frame to placed on the front or back side of the structure. This will allow for the customer to shop and purchase local windows.
    • Insulation- Typically used in commercial container roofs, 2 types of insulation can be applied within the interior of the building. You can apply traditional fiberglass insulation with thicknesses of 3,”,4″, or 6″ or use the more modern version of insulating called spray foam. Most customers choose this method over the other for many reasons.
    • Double Slider Doors- We can provide double and quad slider doors to attach to the front and or back of your container roof. We offer a wide variety of sizes that can fit your building requirements.

    Why is a Curvco Shipping Container Roof Better?

    Our Shipping Container roof systems are manufactured using 100% American Steel. The owners of Curvco have over 38 Years of experience manufacturing Quonset Container Roof Kits for commercial, residential and industrial projects. 

    The container roof kits can be assembled using one size nut and bolt. The documentation provided with each container building gives you manuals for assembly of your building. Simple and easy-to-assemble instructions coupled with high quality hardware make these projects easy to do.

    The container kits can be a permanent or temporary structure depending on how you use it. Once bolted together, the building can remain for the duration of your projects. Once the project is complete, the container roof can be unbolted, stored in the containers to use at a later time. If you decide to use these on private property as a storage building for the long term, the durability of these structures will prove to be exactly what you need. 

    The Shipping container canopy is much better than there counter parts who use fabric instead of steel for so many reasons. First, these container covers do not get stained, ripped, fly off or break during high winds and intense storms. This is a common problem among the fabric types and may require re-adjustment wasting time maintaining the quality of the fabric itself. Steel does not rip and once properly secured to the shipping containers, does not budge or fly off. Don’t waste your precious time doing maintenance when you can spend that time being more productive.

    Easy-to-Assemble Shipping Container Roof Kits

    We make the whole process of erecting a shipping container roof kit straightforward and easy-to-assemble. Because it cuts on site preparation and concrete costs. The simple do-it-yourself design allows for a small crew to put up the container kit over a weekend. This also helps with your budgetary figures as you don’t have to pay for expensive contractors and labor.

    Using our easy-to-follow erection manuals make putting up a container roof simple. These are pre-engineered and prefabricated to line up, drop a bolt and screw them down without problems. In fact, the only problem you will face with a steel arch roof cover will be which one of your assets to put in it first!

    Shipping Container Roof Plans

    Step #1- Prepare the Job Site- It is important to make sure the job site is leveled and cleared from any obstructions for the container placement.

    Step #2: Purchase the Shipping Containers- Although we do NOT sell Shipping Containers, the next step requires you to do a little research and purchase the best quality container for your application. 

    Step #3: Purchase the Shipping Container Roof- Once we have the dimensions and profile of your shipping container, we can determine the best container roof for your application and building project. Our building specialists will discuss with you every option you have available and how to achieve what works best for you while maintaining your budget.

    Step #4- Delivery of your Container Roof- Allow for typically a 3-6 week delivery time at time of purchase. Meanwhile, our building project managers will send all of the documentation you will need to erect the container roof cover. This will include the easy-to-follow and easy-to read erection manuals provided by Curvco and approved by the factory.

    Step #4- Assembly (Raising the Arches)- Once the Container roof has been delivered, the construction process can start. Thankfully, most of the construction process can be done on the ground itself. Bolt the steel arches together to create a full arch while placing them in a line in the order at which they will be raised. Once complete, use the ladder and rope technique to raise the arches in place and connect them to the container roof bracket adapters which will either be bolted or welded to the Shipping Containers.

    Step #5- Enjoy Affordable Container Roof Storage- Once the building is erected, it is time to move in your stuff! Compared to conventional construction methods, building a container roof cover has saved you thousands and allowed you to erect a perfectly secure covered roof at an affordable price.