Curvco Crop Storage Buildings offer the most efficient and economical solution when used as a bulk commodity, grain or corn storage building. One of the biggest advantages of grain storage arch building is that they cost less than grain storage bins or grain storage barns. Unlike grain bins, they also can be used for other purposes like equipment storage or farm repair shops when not filled with agricultural commodities. Since no special side or roof linings or bracings are typically required for crop storage in a Curvco structure, there are additional savings in both construction time and materials.

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Advantages of Curvco crop storage buildings:

  • Fast construction time.
  • No special side / roof linings or bracing required on most models.
  • Multi-purpose – the building can be used for other functions – unlike grain bins.
  • Simple and economical to aerate corn to prevent mold or methane gas buildup.
  • All steel – no wood, maintenance-free structure.
  • Easy to top load grain uniformly – saves time.

Curvco corn and grain storage systems allow for fast construction and are perfectly suited to protect your valuable crops. The building can be erected on a flat concrete pad or elevated on a wall. Aeration tubes attached to exterior fans can easily be run across the building’s floor to ventilate the crops. This prevents excessive moisture which can cause mold and they also help dissipate any methane. Grain is easily loaded through the top of the building using an auger conveyor for uniform distribution. Many customers install a low-cost removable bulkhead at the door opening for grain retention at the door opening.

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