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Commercial Warehouse Storage Buildings, Indoor Riding Arenas, Truck Garages.

Curvco Steel Buildings ST-S and ST-P models are the perfect solution for commercial and industrial building uses where high vertical walls and large spans are required. These models are ideal for larger warehouses, sports arenas, equestrian facilities, trucking terminals and retail shopping centers. They feature the superior strength and durability of our time proven arch panel but incorporate our exclusive super truss internal frame system that offers exceptional versatility for your operations interior layout. With widths from 80’ – 120’ wide and any length the application diversity is unlimited.
Commercial Warehouse Storage Buildings

Commercial Truck Facilities, Metal Storage Building

The extended high sidewall of the ST-S commercial steel warehouses allows large semi-tractor trailers to be parked right up adjacent to the wall. Tall storage racks for commercial distribution facilities can easily be accommodated as well. The clearspan open design of our preengineered warehouse steel buildings means no interior posts or beams are required that interfere with your material handling equipment or forklifts. The obstruction free open design will allow you to maximize your warehouse operations efficiency.

Commercial Truck Arch Building Facilities

Equipment Shop Buildings, Agricultural Metal Barns, Covered Riding Arenas

Enjoy the wide open clearspan design the ST-P Model offers for your personal covered metal horse arena building or riding academy. The heavy gauge steel and superior design allows tall vertical walls so it feels like you are free riding outside. Now you can practice your riding or exercise your horses year around without the effects of winter’s worst weather conditions. Customize your building with large sliding doors and other framed openings so you can feel the breeze blowing through your building while riding without getting subjected to rain storms. The factory can install motorized overhead or bifold doors to allow the largest farm equipment easy access without inconvenience.
Equipment Shop Arch Buildings

Curvco commercial metal buildings and sports arenas are manufactured using only American made Galvalume ® coated steel panels. This proprietary coating is composed of a mixture of aluminum, zinc and silicon offers incredible corrosion protection and has 7 times the resistance to rust that traditional galvanized steel offers. Energy Star® approved colors from Akzo Nobel™ provide energy efficiency benefits and come with a 50 year limited warranty. Different paint combinations for the walls and trim are available to add architectural accents to your building and complement other surrounding structures.

For a fast online price, please submit a quote request on your commercial warehouse building or indoor riding arena. If you want to discuss your project or have any questions please call 1-800-748-7188 and talk to a knowledgeable Curvco building specialist that can show you how to maximize your building budget.


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