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Ohio Farm Buildings

Ohio Farm Buildings
Curvco Steel Buildings can custom design a farm building that is cost effective and maximizes your storage space. Dealing with an American based company, like Curvco, we offer a 40-year warranty on rust and corrosion ensuring the long lasting life of your building.

We proudly service such cities as Clevalnd, Cinncinatti, Columbus and surrounding areas! With such proximity to the manufacturing site, we offer citizens of Ohio the option to pick up the building directly at the factory saving you money on shipping costs.

Below are some select models and sizes that are most popular among our farm buildings in Ohio.

Farm Buildings in Ohio for Sale

Farm Building Kits in Ohio

Farm Building Kits in Ohio are most popular when storing grain, hay and other commodities. Covering your farm machinery can help prolong the life of your machines.

With no interior trusses, beams or posts, 100% of the interior space can be utilized. With our heavy duty gauge steel, our Quonset Farm Buildings are designed with durability and strength you deserve.

Our Farm building kits can be expanded once the building has been erected rather quickly by simply ordering additional arches and adding them to the last panel erected allowing expansion as an option.

Farm Building Prices in Ohio

The cost of a Shipping Container roof ranges from $8 to $18 per square foot depending on the size, model and options included. The state and county you plan to build in can also effect the cost because of local snow and wind load requirements the building department dictates.

Curvco provides highly competitive Shipping Container roof prices to their customers while maintaining our excellent customer service and quality of structure made in the USA. The owners of the factory have over 30 years of helping customers select a cost-effective model that will meet your counties’ local building codes.

Our Shipping Container Roofs are made using steel backed by the US Steel Mill and carry a Curvco 40-year warranty on rust and corrosion. They come complete with erection manuals which describe step-by-step instructions on how to install the steel cover on your shipping containers.