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Arch Steel Building Kit for a Motorcycle Garage

Motorcycle storage steel building

There is no better place to store a motorcycle than a metal building. While you may believe we are just saying this because we are in the business of selling pre-engineered buildings, that’s not entirely true. In our line of work, we sell prefab building kits for many purposes. And out of all of these uses, we have found that motorcycle storage and workshop garage is probably one of the most popular consumer hobby applications for our products.

The following are the benefits of storing a motorcycle in a metal building:

Away from the House

The prefab metal garage you will use for storing your motorcycle will be away from your house and when well insulated with 4”- 6” of fiberglass batt insulation it effectively muffles the intensely loud sound. Even if your garage is just a few feet away, when you go out to your motorcycle storage building and start your bike up, you won’t have to worry about anyone waking up because of the sound of it. This is a great benefit to those who are living inside of your home, especially if you like to tinker on restoration projects late into the night.

Avoid Fumes from Gases

It’s so nice to go to a detached metal garage building to retrieve your motorcycle because you won’t encounter the fumes from the bike in an attached garage that will be wafting into your house. Usually, when people have their motorcycle in their attached stick framed garage and they start it up it ends up releasing fumes throughout the house. No one wants to smell that, so this makes a detached metal building even more useful. If you are running your bikes for long periods, it is best to have an exhaust fan installed to expel the fumes from the building. You can buy an inexpensive one at Home Depot.

Plenty of Room for Repairing

An arch steel building provides more room for repairing your motorcycle and can grow with your needs. You will be able to move around in it without struggle and can easily expand the length as your storage building needs grow. You can do everything you need to do right in one place while also having room to safely and securely store your tools.

Holds More Tools and Equipment

A Quonset hut style metal building offers more storage area than a typical wood truss attached garage. This means it can hold a lot of tools in it that you may need when working on your motorcycle as it allows you to easily set up racks or a loft area for tools and parts. You can even place a lift in it to raise your bike off the ground making many repairs and maintenance easier and because arch buildings do not have roof trusses or frames to interfere in raising it up a second floor or loft can be easily built in the building’s truss free roof area.

Privacy and Security

You don’t want the whole world knowing you’re working on your motorcycle. You also don’t want anyone to see it that may want to steal it. A metal building is perfect. You can step inside and close the door behind you. There are locks you can place the door that will ensure no one will be able to get inside to steal your precious bike.

Metal Buildings for Motorcycle Storage

Metal buildings are the most economical building solution for motorcycle storage. You can do a lot of DIY projects when you have somewhere to do them, so contact Curvco today to discuss steel storage building options for your motorcycle. You’ll be happy you did when you’re in your own private storage area with your motorcycle.

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