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Get Ready For Hurricane Season with Metal Buildings

Hurricane Steel Buildings

Every year the south east United States has to prepare for hurricane season and every year it seems the damage gets worse depending on where it hits and how severe it is. Homes and buildings get damaged and there isn’t much that can be done to prevent it. But what about your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, motor home or other vehicles? Do they have to be left to the mercy of the elements or is there a way to protect them? Actually there is, you can build a metal garage that will keep them protected from hurricanes, tropical storms, bad thunderstorms, hail and more.

Curvco Metal buildings can protect your vehicles from a hurricane. It is not a theory it is a fact.

  • Engineered with high winds in mind: Many of the Curvco straightwall arch building models have rounded panels that help to deflect and shed hurricane winds. They are Florida Hurricane Building code approved and come with an approval code number from the State of Florida on the registered drawings supplied for obtaining permits. This code is only given to steel building companies whose products pass the rigorous testing to validate their strength against hurricane force winds.
  • Curvco Q models are Quonset hut style buildings that are hurricane zone rated and are recognized to be one of the most efficiently designed buildings for strength for military applications.
  • The Curvco arch steel buildings have been purchased for government and US military use on bases all over the world including areas that receive frequent hurricane and high wind activity including Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg in North Carolina and other states including Florida, Texas, Guam, South Carolina, Virginia and more.
  • Curvco steel buildings have a proven track record with hundreds of metal structures surviving major Florida hurricanes including Andrew, Francis and Wilma.

Another important reason you want to go with metal buildings to help protect your vehicles from hurricanes is because they are affordable and fast to assemble. Unlike concrete structures which could take several months to construct, you can order, receive and assemble steel ones in a matter of weeks.

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