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Low Hay Prices Force Farmers to Store Bales for Next Year

Hay Storage Building

An abundance of hay is something farmers should be happy about because it means they have more to sell. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case this year. The overproduction of hay has caused farmers many financial troubles.

Decreased Hay Prices

Last year, 5’x5’ round bales of hay sold for at least $65 because there wasn’t a lot of it available. This year, the spring rains have led to so much hay being harvested that prices have plummeted. The average for 5’x5’ hay bales right now is $30. This is a problem because farmers are hardly making a profit from the bales. The cost of just baling the hay is about $25. When the cost of fertilizer, insurance, and taxes are added in, selling the bales for $30 doesn’t produce a profit.

Lower hay prices aren’t the only problem. With farmers harvesting more hay than usual, many of them do not need to buy any more of it from other farmers. So, not only are the prices down because there’s so much available, but the demand isn’t high either. This situation has forced farmers to store their hale bales hoping for more favorable future market conditions. If they can hold on to them until next year, they will likely be able to sell them for a higher price to turn a profit.

Hay storage buildings need to allow for easy access, stacking bales and good air flow to prevent methane buildup. It’s why many farmers have started to invest in Quonset hut steel buildings to store hay. Since arch style buildings are low cost and have an open-ended design for ventilation, the hay remains fresh and mold free. The hay bales can easily be stacked three high as there are no trusses or rafters in the arch building design. They can be a lifesaver if next year’s hay crop isn’t as bountiful as this year.

Quonset buildings are farmers’ #1 choice when it comes to steel buildings for hay storage. These buildings are easily constructed without heavy equipment, so it’s not expensive as general farm labor is often used to build them. Many farmers are able to build Curvco hay storage buildings themselves as they are prefabricated and come with the DIY instructions in the form of easy to follow erection and foundation manuals. In many cases, within just a few days, they can have a quality storage building made out of Galvalume steel delivered and erected on their site.
Galvalume steel buildings come with a 40-year warranty because they are built to last. Farmers never have to worry about rust with this steel. It is strong and durable throughout all seasons.

The Many Uses of Steel Buildings

Many agricultural operations are reluctant to purchase a steel building for hay storage alone because of the expense of the materials and having to hire a contractor and they don’t know what they would use it for after they no longer need it for hay. The good news is that DIY Quonset buildings can be used for much more than just hay. Many farmers use the buildings for loafing sheds, cattle barns and for equipment storage sheds. When the building needs to be used for hay bales again, it will be ready.

For more information about steel building for hay storage, contact Curvco Steel Structures. We can help you decide on a right size and model DIY steel building kit if you’d like to build your own. We are committed to your satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss how you can store your hay bales.

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