Use a Steel Building for your Harley Davidson Workshop


Owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle isn’t a hobby, it is a way of life. Every year you spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on parts to maintain and transform your Harley. But where do you keep it? Where do you store your motorcycle when you don’t use it, when the weather is bad, when you go on vacation? If you aren’t riding your motorcycle you want to make sure that you properly store it. The last thing you want is to come home and see that parts or the entire bike has been stolen, it was damaged or even the wear and tear that comes from Mother Nature day in and day out taking its toll on it. And what about the parts you purchase? Where do you store those when you have them? This is why you need a steel building from Curvco Steel Structures.

A steel building gives you so many advantages any bike owner can appreciate:

  • Affordable: Prefabricated Metal buildings cost significantly less in materials and labor to assemble than wood or concrete methods will with savings od as much as 40% off of traditonal construction. You probably can handle the assembly yourself but even if you want to hire someone to do it what is going to cost you more money in labor, the assembly of a steel building or the construction of a concrete one?
  • Storage and workshop: You not only need a place to store your motorcycle, tools and parts but you need a place you can work on them as well. What if it’s raining one day and you can’t go out for a ride? A Curvco building can serve a dual purpose as both metal garage and a comfortable workshop building so you can hook up your TV in there and have the ball game on as you replace the handlebars on your bike or switch out the hand controls.
  • Expansion: If you have a traditional wood construction garage you cannot expand it without spending thousands of dollars. However, if you have a prefab metal garage or storage space you can easily, and cheaply, add a small loft, a lean-to on the side or extend the building to store whatever is needed. Since there are no trusses with horizontal chords in a Curvco steel building, with adding a loft you literally increase the storage capacity of a building you already own without having to expand it!

Anyone who has owned a motorcycle for over a year knows how bad it is to look outside and see rain and hail pounding down on your bike. Don’t expose your motorcycle to the elements, give yourself extra storage space that is durable, affordable and can be set up quickly. That’s what steel buildings do, they give you a fast and affordable solution to a storage problem you have but they also give you a chance to save money. Not only are you saving money when compared to what it would cost to build a garage, you are also saving money when you start looking at what new parts and even a new bike is going to cost you because you had nowhere to store it, how much are you going to pay monthly for that storage bin to keep all your extra stuff? It really seems like having a metal garage may be the way to go.