Many municipalities and government agencies are using arch steel buildings for sand and salt storage buildings and other industrial commodity processing applications. Curvco steel arch roofs protect the sand and salt that need to be available in the winter to load on trucks to clear the roads and work on them. In many states the EPA requires salt to be stored so that it doesn’t leech into the groundwater and waterways.

Quonset hut buildings used for salt storage can be either mounted directly to the ground or in most cases used as a roof system on top of 6’-8’ concrete walls. These concrete walls are either formed and poured or made from large pre-cast interlocking concrete blocks, typically used in retaining walls. The interior of the arch metal building can be sprayed with a protective coating for additional protection.

Steel arch industrial buildings provide the ideal solution for salt and sand storage as they are prefabricated for fast and economical assembly. If you are in a rush Curvco can accommodate you as our buildings are manufactured quickly to meet your deadline. Government agencies often use their own labor to assemble the building kit because the construction is so easy. The entire building is put together using one size nut and bolt and can be erected with minimal lifting equipment and scaffolding.