Curvco metal pole barns are ideal for equipment repair shops, metal barns, general storage, farm buildings, grain and corn storage barns and multi-use agricultural buildings. They are more cost effective and durable than a traditional wood pole building. These all steel pole buildings have no wood trusses so they can be constructed very quickly and require no maintenance. There is no warping, sagging members or nails / screws that can back out of studs. Once erected they give you a lifetime of productive use without costly wood rot repairs and upkeep.

A Curvco metal pole building offers 100% completely productive usable space as there are no beams, posts or trusses in the roof. They are perfect for stacking hay bales without concern for roof trusses or piling grain very high right against the walls. No side liners or braces are required when storing crops inside a Curvco grain building as well.

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Arch style pole buildings offer many other benefits. Applications that require large widths are not a problem as Curvco structures can span up to 140’ without supports. Since there is no internal framework there are no ledges for birds or rodents to nest on as well. Curvco structures are designed for the do it yourselfer so you don’t need an expensive contractor.

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