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70x40 Shipping Container Roof

Building ID#: SCR-704024

Style: Quonset Hut

Model: Container Roof

Size: 70’W x 40’L

***This building WIDTH can attach to 20′, 40′ and 45′ length shipping containers.***


  • Roof system
  • One Solid Wall
  • Open ends with adaptor angle
  • Galvalume steel with 40 year warranty
  • Hardware: Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Weather Strapping
  • Computer Aided Design Drawings
  • Foundation & Erection Manuals

The 70×40 Shipping Container Roof is a perfect addition for a covered job-site and equipment storage allowing you to cover your entire fleet of dump trucks, bull dozers, backhoes and conveyor systems safely out of the weather. Many farming communities and municipal projects take advantage of our arch building roofing systems to help ensure company assets are safe such as: Wood chips, top soil, dirt, rocks, landscaping materials and hay storage.

Our simple Do-it-yourself design simplifies the erection process and saves you time and money compared to conventional construction. A one size nut and bolt attach the arch building together which then can be either welded or bolted into position on top of the containers.

The 70×40 Container Roof is increasingly popular among construction companies looking for added storage value. Need a dry and shaded space out of the weather for your contractors or employees to work safely out of? A container roof can provide the coverage you need!

A wide variety of sizes, models, and modifications can be implemented using this Arch Steel Roof. The pre-engineered nature of the container cover building allows for the walls on each end to be fully customized or provided by Curvco Steel Buildings if the project requires it.

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