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40x20 Quonset Container Roof Kit

Building ID#: QSP-402016

Style: Quonset Hut

Model: Q-Model

Size: 40’W x 20’L x 16’H


  • Roof System Only
  • Open ends with adaptor angle
  • Galvalume steel with 40 year warranty
  • Hardware: Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Weather Strapping
  • Computer Aided Design Drawings
  • Foundation & Erection Manuals

The 40×20 Shipping Container Roof Kit is a perfect blend of strength and versatility. The do-it-yourself design simplifies the construction process and allows the customer to completely erect the metal building over a weekend. One size nut and bolt secures these steel arch panels in place and when combined, create an arch with superior strength against snow and hurricane rated winds! The Arches can be either bolted or welded onto the Shipping Containers for a secure and durable fit.

The 40’x20′ Metal Building is by far the best option when looking to store job equipment, vehicles and commodities to keep them our of the harsh weather.  Speak with a building specialist about adding options such as Roof Skylights, Turbine Vents, Windows, Framing, partition walls and Insulation. Because of the Quonsets DIY nature, even the walls on each end can be designed, fully customized and installed using our curved wall brackets.

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    How to Insulate a 40×20 Metal Building

    There are two way to insulate a 40×20 Quonset Container Roof using the Full Quonset Style Design. Traditional fiberglass insulation can be purchased and used to enclose the structure and is available in 3″, 4″ & 6″ thicknesses. When insulating the inside of a steel arch building, pins are attached to the bolts on the arches. The insulation pin is pushed through the fiberglass insulation and a washer is attached holding the insulation blanket in place. These pins are specifically designed for arch building insulation and are available at an additional cost.

    The most popular method for insulating a metal building is the use of spray foam. The applied foam is made up of two materials, polyurethane and isocyanate. When these two compounds react, they expand and harden in place which is perfect for getting into small crevice’s and cross spaces. Spray foam also has a high R-Value which reflects and protects against extreme heat.

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