Quonset House Plans

It is important when designing your Quonset Hut you solidify a concrete plan of action. Quonset Huts may take time to layout the inner shell but we have simplified that process by providing you with concept plans, layouts and ideas.

Conventional living and home buying has changed over the years as consumers are aware of more practical and cost-effective solutions which make our Quonset hut houses perfect for a do-it-yourself er! Our arch houses are built American tough and manufactured using American labor.

Give breathe to the reality of customizing your own Quonset house kits. These arch-style buildings come fully erected with a wide-span layout maximizing interior space. Quonset Hut Kits are extremely strong and provide the home buyer with maximum protection.

Quonset House Plans

Quonset-Style Roofing Kits

Quonset-style roof kits have an efficient design with no obstructions and no internal posts which allow you to use 100% of the space. The steel arches can be designed to have a lower profile if necessary.

Quonset Hut Dimensions & Sizing

Curvco offers custom sizes in our Quonset design. Most popular sizes associated with Quonset Homes typically fall within the ranges of: 30x30 , 30x40, 30x50 , 30x60 , 40x60, 50x60 , 50x80, and 51x100.

Curvco offers FREE DOWNLOADABLE digital Quonset Hut floor plans for our fabulous homes to help in the design process of your Arch Building Homes.

1 Bedroom Quonset Hut Floor Plan

1 Bedroom w/ Den Quonset Hut Floor Plan

2 Bedroom Quonset Hut Floor Plan

3 Bedroom Quonset Hut Floor Plan

What is Included in a Quonset Building kit?

Curvco Steel Buildings come with easy-to-read, easy-to-follow foundation manuals. Within the contents of this document are skematics, dimensions, and detailed information about constructing and pouring your concrete foundation in addition to erecting the building.

Short and Simple, build your own home and save money throughout the process for years to come! Quonset huts are self sustaining and require little to no maintenance. They are Eco-friendly green buildings which provide no harmful contaminants to the environment.

Each and every Quonset Building is prefabricated and easy-to-assemble. Our simple design of using one nut and bolt make the process straight forward without guess work. Below is our customer reviews on the famous Quonset kits.

I bought this Quonset Hut from Curvco and I love it. I put it up with some friends and we had fun building it. There is plenty of room and it even doubles as my storm shelter!
Olen Northern

While being an easy to assemble kit, these metal Quonset huts can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions including hurricanes, tornadoes, hail fall and heavy snow.

Maintenance is a big concern for most when considering getting older or when its time for retirement. We offer a 40-year warranty on every Quonset hut home. Every arch panel is prepared with an extremely resistant galvalume coating which prevents rust and corroision and helps minimize heating & cooling costs throughout the year.

Most people dream of building their own home but you can actually do it! Quonset hut living is more popular than ever as they have shown the uniquely customizable perspective and vision of every Quonset buyer.