Many companies are using shipping containers to create extra storage space or a movable garage. Curvco arch buildings offer a low cost storage solution by attaching a metal building roof or cover to the top of the shipping containers. The ease of construction of a Quonset hut style building allows for the roof system to be erected quickly and will last a lifetime. They can be easily disassembled and moved making them ideal as portable steel buildings for many industrial applications.

Our structures are simple to assemble by bolting the arch building directly on top of two shipping containers. The endwalls can be fully or partially enclosed if you want an open air flow condition. Curvco Quonset buildings are prefabricated at the factory so they are designed to be erected quickly in the field with basic labor and no heavy cranes or equipment. The pre punched panels use only one size nut and bolt hardware to keep the assembly simple. Our arch roof building systems are compact and easy to export anywhere in the world. They are practically maintenance free as the Galvalume coating offers maximum durability and has a 40 year warranty.

Curvco roof kits for shipping containers are favored by contractors as most economical way to gain additional storage space. Their fast bolt together design is an extremely efficient method to cover the space between two containers. Curvco prefab roof systems offer excellent wind and snow loads especially when compared to roof trusses for shipping containers.

Curvco Quonset steel buildings are versatile and can be customized for your aesthetic preference or application. They are popular for commercial and industrial uses by construction companies as vehicle repair, sandblasting operations and equipment storage buildings. They can also be used as residential steel house kits with the shipping containers serving as high sidewalls making for a trendy and modern architectural modular house. Many customers enclose the buildings with their own endwalls, which are simply framed up as they are not load bearing. The endwalls can be partially sheeted as well or you can keep them open and simply drop some tarps to keep the rain out.