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Erecting a Quonset Garage Kit
Building Kit Construction

Mr. Saliture followed the erection manuals guidance, provided by the factory, to properly connect the arches together by initially finger tightening the bolts creating the shell of a steel building garage kit.

The picture shown here demonstrates the process for fastening the bolts to create the full span of the arch width.

Steel Building Kit Roofing System

A majority of this construction is accomplished on the ground even before the first arch is securely raised into place.

Commonly used 40x60x16 metal building kits may take a weekend to put up with just a few men.

Lifting straps are wrapped around the middle of the building to provide a strong and secure connection able to properly lift the first arch.

Ladders or scaffolding, whichever you decide to use, should be placed at the center point of the structure. With ropes in place, the first arch can be pulled to an upright position which allows the steel building to be leveraged into the foundation of the building.

Building Kit Storage
Vehicle & Equipment Storage

As each arch is raised into place, the roofing system of this DIY steel building kit starts to take form. With our double lapping arch panels, the strength and integrity of the building can be witnessed at this point in the construction process.

Residential steel building kits are constructed using a one size nut and bolt system which simplifies the erection process along the way.

Even customers who have no experience in construction or knowledge of the arch building technology can build one of these.

Once the arches of the steel building kit is in place, the front walls can be inserted and installed to completely enclose the building.

Do-it-yourselfers love these buildings because of the nature of the build which allows them to customize their own endwalls or you can purchase them direct from the factory.

Steel Building Kit Van Storage
Installed Car Lift for Maintenance
Finished Steel Building Kit
DIY Building Kit Completed
Steel Building Kits
30'x50' Steel Building Kit Workshop

All of the steps and procedures are located in our easy-to-read manuals and describe step-by-step methods for finishing these small metal building kits.

Steel building kit prices may vary depending on the location and the thickness of the gauge steel being used. Although when dealing with the factory, rest assured these building kit prices are some of the most competitive and in more times than not, most cost effective option.