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Mr. Loduca reached out to Curvco with interest in a Quonset building kit in order to solve his problem with limited storage. He wanted to place his building on a 2’ concrete wall which at the time of the initial call, was already installed. His qualifications for purchasing a building was dependent on turn-around time in order to reach his deadline of a 2 week installation start time.

The 45’x100’ Quonset was fitted with a 12’x14’ opening designed to accommodate the large trucks that would be making deliveries. In addition, we supplied a steel partition wall inside for the customer to section off materials that would in other cases contaminate each other.

Loduca wanted the inside of the building to be able to siphon away moist air and used our turbine vent kit and adaptors to accomplish this, which is particularly useful in winter months in New York.

This was a cost effective way and eco-friendly way of circulating air within the building powered solely by wind.

Service doors spanning 6’x7’ were supplied and placed at the front and back walls for easy access.

Because deliveries could also take place at night, the customer installed flood lights in the front and rear to increase the amount of light necessary for safe operations.

Typically northern states require a specific type of steel structure to be able to meet or exceed the heavy snow loads they require during the winter months. Our building kits are perfect for these areas as they are manufactured using heavy gauge steel and can withstand heavy snow, hail, sleet or high wind speeds. They are not built using cheap carport type steel which have tendencies to collapse or blow over in severe winds.

Our Quonsets are built with commercial grade high tensile steel here in America using only 100% American labor. Mr. Loduca’s county required building permits for this area which Curvco was able to provide for him using stamped engineered and certified drawings and calculations.

Every concern was met with pure professionalism as our building specialists have over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the metal building industry. If you are looking for a strong maintenance free Quonset building kit, Curvco is the one stop shop that gets it right the first time!