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Steel Arch Roof Covers
60'x80' Wide Span Container Roof

The Industrial complex of America have found great use of these Container Covers when executing and expanding it’s influence across the States. Budgetary and functionality are the two most important aspects when a company decides to buy. Is this building being purchased at a price that fits our needs? How can I use this building in more ways than one to get the best value out of it?

These Container Covers have been used in Mining Facilities, Concrete Businesses, Wineries, Salt Storage, County Highway facilities for sand and protective roadside equipment. They offer superior snow and wind ratings in even the most extreme weather conditions and can be assembled using a one size nut and bolt system.

Two 40' Containers- Side-by-Side

This customer chose to use two 40′ Containers on each side as the foundation of the building. Although not necessary, they sat the containers on a small concrete wall which helps with corrosion when specifically using salt storage.

The Container Roofs were assembled using our Quonset Hut Model spanning 60′ wide by 80′ long. This model offers the widest alternative to the others and proves to be the most cost-effective option we offer.

Because of the size of the vehicles and machines this company uses, they wanted to design a Roof Cover that would consist of a drive through. That way simultaneously work could be completed increasing the workflow of the property.

The Containers span about 8′ 6″ high with the added height of 20′ from the steel arches with a combined total of 28′ 6″ of clearance height. This is a great way to increase the head space compared to a traditional structure which would require a concrete wall or pad.

Industrial Container Roof in PA

We offer additional options for these Container Covers including turbine vent kits, skylights, front and back steel walls with your choice of a garage opening or walk-through door. Unfortunately, we do NOT supply the actual shipping containers but we can assist you in the construction process.