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Quonset Container Covers
Town of Brentwood Highway Dept- 30'x40' Shipping Container Roof Kit

The Town of Brentwood Highway Department contracted with Curvco Steel Buildings to create a multi-purpose Shipping Container Roof Kit Shed for bulk storage. We assisted Brentwood with obtaining engineered stamped building permits which made the whole process much easier.

The site location is primarily used as a transfer station for scrap metal, C&D material, brush and bulky items. The Town of Brentwood required a 30′ wide by 40′ length structure with a steel canopy to protect any items that are disposed of or dropped off at this location.

Roof Kit Showing Open Back Wall

Shipping container roof kits are a low cost alternative to building a steel building with concrete foundation.

It has become increasingly popular within construction business to provide ample coverage.

Using the 40′ Containers, Brentwood was able to use the standard size of 30×40 to accomplish their storage needs while maintaining there goal of staying within budget.

Installation was made easy by our one size nut and bolt construction and easy-to-read manuals which lay out step-by-step how to connect the steel arches together to create the roof kit.

Roof Kit- Brentwood NH
Height of Container Kit- 22' 6" Tall

The Quonset Roof Kit reaches 14′ high plus the height of the containers which allows the city to easily move trucks in and out of the building.

These models can be further customized to include high or low profile options depending on what the application calls for.

We supply the customer with the metal plates that are bolted and/or welded to the top of the containers. The steel arches once assembled, connect to these plates.


Metal Roof Between Shipping COntainers
Claiborne Hauling LLC, 70'x120' Metal Roof Between Two Shipping Containers

Mr. Claiborne reached out to Curvco Steel Buildings to solve the problem of utilizing his workspace effectively. He knew that the metal roof between two shipping containers had to span at least 70′ wide in order to accomplish this goal.

With all the of the construction equipment and machinery stored outside, he knew it was time to search for a steel building solution. After intensive discussion with one of our building specialists he determined that putting this large structure on shipping containers would not only be cost effective but easier to manage based on his expertise.

Metal Roof Extension for Shipping Containers

After the building was delivered and the contents were erected on-site, he realized adding additional length was rather easy and manageable.

This must explain why Mr. Claiborne came back over and over again as he saw his vision become reality.

He was impressed by the amount of space he could use and the amount of money he saved by not using a traditional concrete pad with a steel building on it.

In order to save some money, Mr. Claiborne decided to pick up his metal roof between two shipping containers at the factory in Pennsylvania personally. He wanted to see where the steel was being manufactured and establish a relationship with our personnel so that in the future he could order more length from someone in the industry he trusted.

Roof Covers
Shipping Container with Metal Roof Cover

He returned to the factory  three separate times to pick-up additional length over the weekend for his roof when he had the time to install it.

With over 8,400 sq feet of interior space, everything in his arsenal would now be able to fit with extra room to spare.

He decided to leave the front side open so that he could move his equipment in and out with no problems and kept the backside solid.

He currently stores his dump trucks, back hoes, bulldozers, bobcats, towing rigs and other equipment necessary for his daily operations.

Commercial Container Covers
3 Sided Metal Roof Cover
Rear Entrance to Building