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Enclosed Container Covers
Outer Connector Container Roof Trusses with Steel Wall

This is a perfect example of container roof trusses being used as an outside mount. The customer loved the idea of using this roofing system to cover his scissor lifts, ladders, and machinery. He wanted a low-cost solution to housing all of his companies assets in a dry location. 

A front wall was purchased and cut at the factory to enclose the front side and provide coverage of the shipping containers. He decided to use our G-model to achieve this goal and although it is not shown in this photo, the customer eventually installed a 12′ high by 10′ wide roll-up garage door.

Curvco Steel Engineers in blueprint and preparation guided him through the erection process to make sure the container roof trusses were installed and attached the right way.

Many months later, they decided to purchase a P-model storage shed that sits alongside it. One of the deciding factors surrounding the repeat business was that when they needed us, we were there!


Owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle isn’t a hobby, it is a way of life. Every year you spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on parts to maintain and transform your Harley. But where do you keep it? Where do you store your motorcycle when you don’t use it, when the weather is bad, when you go on vacation? If you aren’t riding your motorcycle you want to make sure that you properly store it. The last thing you want is to come home and see that parts or the entire bike has been stolen, it was damaged or even the wear and tear that comes from Mother Nature day in and day out taking its toll on it. And what about the parts you purchase? Where do you store those when you have them? This is why you need a steel building from Curvco Steel Structures.
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