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steel roof on top of shipping containers

Versatile Design

One of the greatest advantages to arch steel building construction over conventional methods is the versatility of the design. This flexibility allows a metal roof or building system to be attached on top of concrete walls or shipping containers. The benefits are added height and a wall system that can take plenty of wear and tear and extreme wind conditions.

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Steel Vs. Concrete BuildingsIn many areas of the country concrete and block buildings are constructed for residential, commercial and industrial use when they could save thousands by erecting an arch steel building.

Why do people choose to build concrete walled buildings?

Conventional construction using masonry walls has historically been perceived as being a cost effective building method. In modern times concrete construction is actually more expensive than pre-engineered steel buildings as it requires skilled masons, longer construction times and expensive laborers. Often substantial amounts of steel reinforcing must be added for self-supporting walls especially in areas with heavy wind loads. The concrete walls also must be designed by an engineer which can be very expensive.

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Steelmakers in the United States are more than willing to battle each other for territory, customers and money. It’s a fair battle and part of what makes America great. However, what the steelmakers in the U.S. cannot fight is steel from China being imported into the United States at a price much cheaper than the metal costs to be produced in China. This past year has seen a large increase in the illegal “dumping” of subsidized “finished” metal products from China including reinforcing bars, steel plate in coil form, hot galvanized coated sheets and strip and cold rolled sheet products because of slowing demand and their need to export excess capacity.  This has drastically hurt the price of similar American produced products. And it’s not just China as India, Japan and South Korea are in the mix as well.

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